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NOTE TO SHOPPERS: Beware of the scam using the name of a legitimate U.S. or Canadian Mystery Shopping company. For more details, see our information page about Scams & Alerts. Statopex is a 25-year-old Mystery Shopping company based out in Quebec, Canada, and an active MSPA member. If you receive any email from a domain name like "" or "" address, call us at 1-800-734-5213.

Mystery Shopping
Evaluating the service and customer experience at the location
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Your customers: important assets to protect

More than anyone else, you know that a great deal of money must be invested to attract new customers. If these customers go somewhere else, regaining their trust can be most challenging… and very costly.

The Statopex Mystery Shopping program allows you to sound out customer opinions in response to the services provided by your employees. This program will offer insight and identify improvements to be made to your customer service standards in order to retain your valuable customers and provide great service to a new pool of potential clients.

Field Auditing
Field Research and Information Gathering
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Field data to make the right decision

Analyzing the in-store implementation of your marketing strategies – and those of your competitors.

If your products were the only ones available on the shelf, it would be so simple!

Obviously, this is not the case. Strategies are therefore needed to carve out a niche in the marketplace.

Our Field Marketing experts are specialized in researching and gathering information that is crucial for your Sales & Marketing managers and decision-makers. Our reports are snapshots of the marketplace that help you act quickly, precisely and effectively.

Our Field Marketing services are invaluable analysis tools that help you understand exactly what's happening in the market, thereby helping you to optimize your retail sales and service performance.

In-Store Implementation
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Ensuring your product is in the right place at the right time!

Do you want to maximize the return on your advertising, promotional and merchandising investments?

With Statopex' merchandising service, you will benefit from our team of qualified merchandisers who will help you accomplish all merchandising tasks, thus enabling your sales team to focus on the selling of your products and on promotional events.

Our team of experts supports or can become your sales force when implementing your marketing activities.

We operate all across Canada, in all categories of retail sales and services. Our mandates are many and varied.

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